About Hoowish

  1. What’s the specialty of Hoowish and how we differentiate ourselves from other common online shopping platform?
  2. Hoowish are different from others! We have invented various of innovative oyalty reward program for our members whom will have a chance to get their dream product at zero cost while at the same time to enjoy the combination of shopping experience from both online and physical outlet shop where our membersable to enjoy the excellence customer services provided by our partner merchants).

Registration as Hoowish Members

  1. How do I register as Hoowish member?
  2. Go to “login” on the top left-hand corner of the page to register for a new account.

  3. I have submitted the registration but did not receive the verification email
  4. If you did not received the verification email from hoowish.com, you may wish to check if our verification email was caught under your Spam/Junk folder prior to email and notify us at support@hoowish.com

  5. How much is the registration fee for member account?
  6. The registration fee is free..

  7. I forgot my “user id” and “password”, what should I do?
  8. Please click on “Forget Password” and fill up the required information, a notification email will be followed and sent to you to recover your account.

Hoowish Rewards Campaign

  1. What is Hoowish Rewards Campaign?
  2. Hoowish Rewards Campaign is a loyalty program that we implement to reward our member by giving them with “Hoowish Point” which our member entitled for chances to win their dream product at zero cost! Hoowish Rewards Campaign comprise of various product winning contest such asPhone contest, Travel package contest, Sofa contest etc. Membersonly required to use their “Hoowish Point” to join each contest and win it!

  3. How to join Hoowish Rewards Campaign?
  4. In order to join our Hoowish Rewards Campaign to get your dream product, you may either directly purchase our Discount Voucher to join the campaign or obtain FREE “Hoowish Point” while shopping at our Hoowish Mall. support@hoowish.com

  5. What is “Hoowish Point”?
  6. “Hoowish Point” is a point system that we adopt to reward our member after they have either purchased our Discount Voucher or shopped at Hoowish Mall. Member is required to use Hoowish Point to join our Hoowish Rewards Campaign where the amount of Hoowish Point required for each contest is varied.
    NB: Hoowish Point has no monetary value and not-redeemable for cash.

  7. How many times can i participate for each contest?
  8. You are only allowed to participate once for each contest.

  9. How Hoowish picks the Winner’s number?
  10. Once the quota of the contest is full, the contest closing time shall be the element to determine which time frame it shall be categorized under.
    We will set 12 time frames (as below) and will set the winning number for each time frame according to the last announcement session of Currency Exchange Rate of the following day from Bank Negara. We will according to the last four digits of the exchange rate. However, for those contests are participated fully on Friday and Saturday, due to Bank Negara have no announcement for currency exchange rate on Saturday and Sunday, we will go for Facebook live draw for this two days.
    Time Frame 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
    Contest Completed Time 12:00am - 1:59am 2:00am - 3:59am 4:00am - 5:59am 6:00am - 7:59am 8:00am - 9:59am 10:00am - 11:59am 12:00pm - 1:59pm 2:00pm - 3:59pm 4:00pm - 5:59pm 6:00pm - 7:59pm 8:00pm - 9:59pm 10:00pm - 11:59pm
    Currency Exchange Rate USD GBD EUR JPY100 CHF AUD CAD SGD HKD100 THB100 PHP100 TWD100

    Eg. Iphone contest is participated fully at 1am. So the winning number of Iphone contest will according to the USD Exchange rate of the following day. Eg, the last session USD Exchange rate of following day from Bank Negara is 3.9265. So the winning number would be shown as below:-
    Number of participate members Winning number
    10 5
    100 65
    1000 265
    10000 9265

  11. When will the contest results be announced? How do I know whether I have won the contest or not?
  12. Once the quota of the contest is full, we will select the number according to the currency exchange rate or Facebook live draw after that a notification email will be sent to inform you about the result has been released.

    Eg. Justin Baber received an email to inform him that
    The Iphone X contest closing time: 2am
    Time frame: 1
    Hoowish number: 678

    So, Justin Baber will only win the contest if his lucky number matched with the winning number drawn under Time frame 1. If his lucky number matched with any other winning number drawn under other Time frame, he did not win the contest he participated.

  13. How to redeem my rewards?
  14. For normal product, member can choose either to be delivered by post or self-collection from our merchant or our office. For luxury product, in view of safety purpose, redemption is strictly by member self-collection from our office. Our Customer Service team will contact the respective member for further arrangement.
    NB: Please provide us with a valid phone number as well as email address for contact purpose

  15. How long does it take to deliver my rewards?
  16. You should get it within 5 to 14 working days, based on the delivery option chosen and private arrangement between member and delivery party. To prevent for any delay, kindly ensure that the mailing address you provided is correct.

  17. I try to participate in one of the contest, but why was I not allow to join?
  18. A quota is preset for each contest and you are not able to participate once quota is reached. You are encouraged to participate earlier in those contests that you are interested in so that you will not miss the opportunities.

  19. How to make sure all your products are genuine and not an imitation product?
  20. All our partner merchants are very successful businesses, and thus, no doubt that all products provided by them are genuine. Original product warranty will be enclosed with each product so that the member who received the product will be able to enjoy the benefit of the warranty too.

  21. Can I return or get refund for the rewards?
  22. Please contact our customer service team for the faulty good and we will do the arrangement for you. Refund option is not available for Hoowish campaign.

  23. 12. What if the contest I participated did not have sufficient participants even after a long duration? Will my Hoowish Point be forfeited?
  24. The duration of our contest will last for 30 days from the starting date to expiry date.If the contest does not have sufficient participants before the expiry date, we will refund the Hoowish Point to you one day after the contest is expired.

Orders and Payment

  1. How do I know if my order is successful?
  2. A confirmation email with order details will be sent to you if your order is successful.

  3. How do I check the order status?
  4. You can go to “Manage My account”, followed by “My Order History” and click on the “order ID” to trace your order status.

  5. Can I reserve the items saved in wish list/shopping cart?
  6. Product saved under the wish list/shopping cart is not being reserved, thus that particular product is still eligible for others to purchase.

  7. How can I make my payments?
    • Online Banking
    • Credit Cards
    • ATM / Bank Transfer
    For payment made via ATM/Bank transfer, member is required to email the ATM/transaction slips to members@hoowish.com enclosing with your account details.

  8. Can I pay by cash on delivery?
  9. Unfortunately, we do not accept cash on delivery at this moment. We shall published on our site if this payment mode is acceptable for the foregoing..

  10. How do I check the Payment status?
  11. You can go to “Manage My account” and followed by “My Order History”.

Discount Vouchers

  1. Where can I use the Discount Vouchers?
  2. Discount Vouchers can only be used at our Merchant Partners as listed on our site via their Hoowish Mall listed products or through their selected respective offline physical stores. Each Merchant have their very own voucher redemption policy, please check carefully before making any redemption.

  3. Can I exchange the Discount Vouchers for cash?
  4. It has no monetary value and is not redeemable for cash.

  5. What should I do when I redeem the Discount Voucher at any Hoowish Merchant Partners’ outlets?
  6. Here’s some simple steps to show you how to redeem the Reward Voucher:-
    1. Login your account
    2. Click on the top left then select "Manage My Account"
    3. Click "Redeem Voucher"

Delivery & Shipping Fees

  1. Can I change the delivery address for my existing order?
  2. Change of delivery address are not permitted once the order has been successfully made. Thus, please ensure all the information are correct before you submit and place an order.

  3. How do I trace my order?
  4. You can trace the status of your order by clicking on your “Order History ” .

Contact Us

  1. What if I have any other questions regards to Hoowish’s site and services?
  2. You can email your questions to us at members@hoowish.com and we shall response to you within 2 working days.