About Membership

To become a Hoowish Members, you required to register an account with www.Hoowish.com. It only takes 5 minutes and you are able to start your wonderful shopping experience and enjoy our unique loyalty rewards campaign.

As a Hoowish Member, you are able to purchase our official partners’ product that is listed in our Hoowish Mall and also participate in our loyalty rewards campaign that you stands to bring back a brand new product home at a small value.

Hoowish loyalty rewards campaign is to rewards members to make a purchase from our platform. It entities them to purchase any products that is listed online at small value either through spending on our hoowish mall or by purchasing our hoowish discount vouchers.

Our platform offers a different model of ecommerce by combining both online purchasing and loyalty rewards campaign. Members are able to either purchase products from our Hoowish Mall to earn rewards point to participate in our loyalty rewards campaign or alternatively they could participate on our loyalty rewards campaign first and earn discount vouchers for their next purchase.

If members would like to purchase from our Hoowish Mall, Our members are entitled to earn them reward point and discount vouchers where it can be used to enter our loyalty rewards campaign or allows them to redeem extra discount for their next purchase.

Alternatively, they could first purchase our Hoowish Vouchers to participate on our loyalty program first. Our hoowish voucher entitles them to participate in our loyalty program and also allows them to redeem extra discount for their purchase.

We also have Hoowish affiliate program where our members are able to earn commission if they recommend their friends and families to spend in Hoowish.com